You got jokes

I've become so used to being overweight that I just joke about it now.  For example, tonight I was picking Ary up from her indoor softball practice.  I was talking to one of the mom's.  She was saying how cold it was in there.  I couldn't believe she was cold.  I said, "You're cold?  I think it's fine in here."  She says, "Yeah.  I'm freezing."  And then a dad next to me said, "Yeah. It's really cold in here."  To which I replied to both, "Oh, must be all this extra fat keeping me warm."

I'm not comfortable being overweight.  In fact, I feel terrible.  If I joke about it, it prevents the fat stares.  Laughs are better than fat sympathy stares.

Right now I've weighed the most I've ever weighed.  I'm done.  It is more jokes, no more excuses.

I've set up a goals chart and rewards chart in the hallway.  I'm actually starting a meal plan.  It's not a diet plan.  There's no counting calories or carbs.  It's clean eating meal plan.  And yes, kickboxing it is for the exercise.  I know there's a lot of other places I could try, but I know if I put 100 percent into it, I can drop the weight and tone at the same time.  I'm hoping between kickboxing and the meal plan I will end up better than I was the first time I went through this nonsense.

Kickboxing, here I come.  3 pounds lost per week is the goal.  There's a few others but we can get to them as I go, give me something else to talk about, haha!

SO, here we go.  We start from the beginning.

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