And It's Back AGAIN!!!

Well, I haven't posted for a while, obviously.  Why?  I'm a slacker, haven't felt like it, too tired, too sick... you pick.

I'm finally getting back to life here, though.  Oh, if you didn't know, right now I'm 25 weeks pregnant.  Yes, we are very excited! It's a boy.

But as I said before, I get really sick in the first trimester.  This is a long story, so I will try to make it short, HA! 

I fond out I was pregnant probably the week before Thanksgiving.  I wasn't really sick yet, though.  I started getting really sick around Christmas.  Between the nausea and being so light-headed (blood pressure 85/60), I couldn't do a thing.  It was making me feel terrible, too.  I managed to potty train Tristan before I got really sick.  But that poor kid was running around naked all the time because I couldn't chase him down to put clothes on him.  Luckily Travis was helping me clean up because I just couldn't.  I would walk in the kitchen, look at the dishes and just turn around and lay back down.  Dinner was mostly take out.  Most days I had about two hours of energy, and that was basically reserved for basketball practice.  I had just started coaching the middle school girls before I found out I was pregnant.  When Christmas rolled around, I was really bad.  I could barely lift my head off the couch.  I was throwing up about 6 times a day.  Travis had to go to the doctor's for me and get me some medication.  It took about three, four weeks, but I finally was able to come back to life.  Even with the medication I was still throwing up, but not 6 times a day.  It was more like once a day.  

Through all of this time, I had not been back to kickboxing at all.  But with being sick, I wasn't gaining any weight.  

After I stopped throwing up is when the heartburn started.  One thing after the other, right?!  Well, I started eating, again, to stop the heartburn.  Still no kickboxing.... 

I was doing well with my weight until last month.  So far I've gained about 22 pounds.  SERIOUSLY! IT'S BACK!!  I can feel it in my legs, arms, hands, hips, thighs, face.... everywhere!  "I'm growing a tiny human, I'm allowed to put on weight" says the nurse and doctor.  I think the only people who would understand are those in kickboxing with me.  They know how hard you have to work to lose the weight in the first place.  I just gave away all my "fat" clothes.  Luckily I kept a couple because that's what I'm wearing now.  GEEZ! 

So, I can feel my thighs touching again.  My shirts are getting tight around the waist/hip area.  My face... my double chin has returned!  Say hello to the double chin! 

I talked to the doctor and we decided to start an 1800 calorie diet.  I'm allowed to exercise but the doctor did tell me, yes, you have to keep your heart rate around 140 while exercising so you don't overheat the baby because it could cause birth defects, premature labor and decrease blood flow to the baby.  

Now I'm afraid to go to kickboxing because I won't be able to do too much AND I'm afraid because I haven't been there for so long.  Jeremy's going to kill me! I decided I need to do something, so I signed up over at Planet Fitness.  I figured if I can get over there and walk on the treadmill, I'll do better.  But now that it's getting nice out over here, I think I'm going to hit the trail again.  I miss running.  

Travis is so nice.  He just keeps telling me it's okay.  Once the baby is born, I can go back to kickboxing and lose it all again.  I am hoping that Jeremy will still be there when I get back, which will hopefully be in September.  BUT I also heard that Rob's classes are really hard, too.  I can feel my muscles burning just thinking about it, AWW, I miss it! 

So, now you are updated.  I'm hoping I can stop the weight gain at this point.  I just need to stay away from candy and milkshakes, HA!  I had such a good diet before I got pregnant.  Trust me, after what happened months ago, I am not complaining about being pregnant.  We are very, very excited.  I just cannot believe after all the change I made with my diet and exercise, I'm right back where I was over a year ago.  It is so easy to fall back into bad habits.  

I am going to try and post again in the next two weeks, let you know how it's going! 


  1. Aaaww Monica you will get back to your goal weight in no time. I agree the treadmill will work and just try to stay away from the sweets lol. If you are having a baby shower send me an invite!! Congrats again on the new bundle that is about to bless your family =) If you need any help just call me i can come over and help out.

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