That Took FOREVER!

Finally!  I am now down 50 pounds.  GEEZ.... It took me an extra couple weeks to break through whatever barrier that was.

Through all the ups and downs of the last month, month and a half, I'm starting to look on the brighter side again.  I found good motivation in looking at the positive or accomplishments so far.  I'll list some for you.

Positives of weight loss:

1.  I can now push-mow the grass without having to stop and take a break.
2.  I can fit a regular sized towel around my body -- I know, stupid things, right?!
3.  I'm starting to get calf muscle definition.
4.  My old clothes - pre-pregnancy clothes - are becoming loose.
5.  After finishing a Jillian Michael's video, my response was "that's all?"  - HA!
6.  I am smaller than my husband again.
7.  I can race Ary and beat her. - I know, I'm supposed to let her win.... but I don't.
8.  Lifting a 50 pound bag of chicken feed and realizing I just lost all of that weight.
9.  People actually noticing I have lost weight.
10. Building confidence back up.

Are there negatives to weight loss?  I can think of a couple:

1.  Having to buy new clothes........wait, nope, that's a positive.
2.  Husband won't leave me a lone........nope, that's another positive.
3.  Change of diet....actually positive.  This has caused me to try new foods that I never thought I would and LOVE them!

50 pounds, not as happy as I thought I would be.  BUT I still have 24 pounds to reach my goal.  PRESS ON!

Here's the measurements for, I guess this is the 6th month now:

Weight - 164 pounds - down 50 pounds 
Waist -  38 inches - down 10 inches
Hips -   41 inches - down 11 inches
Thigh - 21.5 inches - down 4.5 inches
Arm - 12 inches - down 4 inches

I am still working on blog posts from other people at kickboxing.  I've just been a little busy.