I must apologize to the few who actually take the time to read my blog.  I have been crazy busy between the kids, work, my garden, the chickens, and family members coming over.  I missed at least a week of class, and yes, it sucked.  But here's an update for you.

Travis is really busy with work and so are my other sitters, so I haven't been able to get to kickboxing four or five times a week.  I think I was only making it two times a week.  Knowing I was only making it two times a week, I was afraid to step on the scale and avoided it like the plague.  It is beyond my control, so why get upset by stepping on it.

So, I finally worked up the nerve and stepped on the scale, WOW, I didn't gain, I lost.  I actually lost two more pounds.  But put it into perspective, two pounds in a month.  Wow, that really, REALLY sucks.  I'll never reach my goal this way.  But right now I have to be happy because I stepped on the scale and it wasn't more.

Even though I haven't been sticking to my diet, I have modified my portion size, which makes me extremely happy!  My whole goal was a life style change, not just weight loss.  Anyone can use a diet pill and drop some pounds.  But if they go back to eating the same thing, guess what, the weight's right back on.  My goal is to keep the weight off and I'm proving to myself that it is possible.  

I plan to get back into kickboxing.  I was able to go on Saturday morning and it felt great.  My legs did not agree yesterday, though.  I still have at least 20 more pounds I want to lose before my vacation.  I just may have to do it swimming until my babysitters have a little more time for me!

My children, the fish!  HA!