Monica Bodge, now weighing in at...........

Wow, you think I'm going to post that right off the bat?  No, ha!  I guess I'm going to have to eventually, though.

Hey, my name is Monica.  I guess you have to know the story to see the whole journey, so here's a little background for you.

At 18 years old I was (and still) 5'4" tall.  I weighed between 105 and 110 pounds.  I played basketball all the time.  I loved being outdoors, swimming, walking, occasionally running, going down to Philly and racing my Z-28.  I was all over the place, hyper as can be.  I met my husband, Travis, in July 2001.  We were engaged in 6 months.  We waited until October 2003 to get married.  When we got married my weight had gone to 150 pounds.  Why?  I have no idea.  Not caring, not exercising, not playing sports, stressed, working, take any number of reasons.  You think putting on 40 pounds it would have clicked, but it didn't.  I would just buy another size up in pants and go on.

The end of May 2004 I found out I was pregnant with Aryanna.  I was still at the 150 pound mark.  When I found out I was pregnant with Ary, I quit smoking cold turkey - just a little side note.  By the time I had Ary, I had gained 50 pounds, seriously.  So, I weighed 198 at my first doctor's visit after having Ary.  Do you see's a whole other person I added to myself.  All I could think about was, I can't believe this.  I used to think I was overweight, had a little stomach back when I was 18.  Now what did I do to myself?!  I walked around in sweats all the time.  Probably about two years after I had Ary, they put a Planet Fitness in down the street from where I live.  $10 a month, Travis can't yell at me for that, so I signed up.  I would go late at night when Ary would fall asleep.  I think my normal time was 11:30 p.m., and I would stay for about an hour.  I worked the elliptical and the stationary machines.  Dieting, ha.  I love pasta, so this is a tough one for me.  Celeste, my sister, and I were taking our kids to church on Wednesday nights and while they were there, we would go to Amelia's Discount Grocery.  I would stock up on Lean Cuisine for $0.99 a box.  I would either eat salad or Lean Cuisine for lunch and then just monitor dinner.  That's about as far as dieting would take me.  Anyway, I think I would go to the gym three or four times a week.  After a year's time, I had dropped 35 pounds.  Hey, better than 198, right?

I pretty much maintained my weight for a while.  I did lose about 5 pounds in two years.  Let's see, that brings my total to 158 pounds.  Okay, so it took me 5 years to almost get back to where I was when we got married.

End of May 2010, guess who just found out they were pregnant, me and Travis.  We were extremely excited.  Unfortunately in between the time I had Ary and the time I found out I was pregnant again, I had started smoking.  So, as you guessed, I quit cold turkey again.  This time I think I had really bad withdraw symptoms along with morning sickness.  I was sick all the time, laid out on the bed, to the hospital three times to get fluids.  My heartburn was unbearable.  Around August I started feeling better, not too much, but better.  I was holding down food and fluids but the heartburn was still there, always.  The only thing that helped was bread and pretzels.  I was eating them all the time.  Then I was just eating because when food was going down, the heartburn was not there.  Okay, cut to the chase.  A week after Tristan was born, I weighed, 197 pounds.  I know, I was kind of freaked out myself.  I stayed at that weight until I stopped breast feeding.  After I stopped breast feeding, my weight increased quick.

So, this kind of brings us current.  Sorry, I know, it's a lot for a first post.

214 pounds, yep, that much.  Exhausted, lazy, depressed, wearing sweats again, no attempts to look nice, BLAH.  That's a perfect word for it, blah or icky.

All this time, I am still enrolled at the gym, paying my $10 a month, even though I don't go.  I tell my neighbor that I am going to start going and she joins with me.  "It will keep us more motivated to go, especially having someone to keep you in check."  We went twice a week, after the kids went to bed, and stayed for an hour and a half.  We walked the treadmill and talked.  I think this lasted for about three months, and if we actually made it once a week, I was surprised.

So, at this point I'm frustrated.  I've lost 2 pounds in three months, that sucks.  I saw a Jillian Michael's (JM) 30 day shred in the store.  I'm thinking, I can do this and I did.  I woke up early and started the video.  Silly me, thinking because I was in my living room that I don't need to wear sneakers.  Now I have to say the S word, sorry, SHIN SPLINTS (SS).  AHH!  They got to a point that I was having a hard time walking.  So, I had to stop my videos until the SS went away.  A month or two goes by and my SS are almost gone.  I gain back the wonderful 2 pounds, HA, jokes on me, right.  I wanted to start the JM video again.  While walking through Target, I spot a workout video of JM's called Extreme shed and shred.  I'm like, yes, definitely need extreme....threw it in the cart and off we go.

I am getting to the point, promise.

So, I started this new video.  In the video she does a few kickboxing moves.  As I'm doing them I'm thinking, wow, that was fun.  I wish there was some class around here I could go to.  But there was no way I was paying LA Fitness money each month to go to a class.  I inquired around and no one knew of any outside of an actual gym.

Then, one day I am on my way to pick up Ary from school, and what do I see?  I see some girl with carved abs and I'm like, great, just what I want to look at twice a stinking day.  I get closer and I see the whole sign and I'm flipping out., 3 classes for $20 and a pair of gloves.  I pick up Ary, go home and jump online.  Where is it located?  Oh, it's only 6 minutes down the road, sweet!

I enroll online for the three classes.  I'm excited and scared at the same time.  Travis said go for it and see how you like it.  Ugh, I don't want to go alone.  What if I can't make it through the whole class?  I don't have anything to wear there.  You name it, I thought it to try and talk myself out of going.

Taken October 2012
Still at 214 pounds....................