Class Number Three, last trial class

Am I crazy?  I am actually looking forward to going to class.  Wednesday I didn't feel sluggish.  I was up and moving around more than usual.  This is a good sign.  I was thinking about going to Thursday night's class but going to an Eagles game with my sister-in-law, so Thursday morning it is.

There's three others in the class with me.  I need to keep my slower pace.  My abs and legs are sore.

You know it, "Walk, jog, knees" still low impact with the knees.  This time I'm not the only one.  I guess it doesn't really matter if I'm low impact or not.  I need to keep on the pace that my body will allow, not trying to keep up with others.

Starting the warm up, yep, add arms sore to the list.  It's not a hurt, painful sore.  It's more like I can feel every muscle I moved and toned sore.  This is a good feeling to me.  It's nice to exercise and know exactly what muscles were worked.

Front kick, side kick, round kick.  The kicks get to me.  Just one kick with hit combinations, I'm out of breath.  I don't know why and no time to figure it out.  I just have to slow down, that's all.  My mind is a lot stronger than my body.  Sometimes I have to get the two in sync.  It's pushing me to do more and my chubby body is saying, whoa, take a minute.  

"Partner up", really, already?  I like that time is flying by.  Moving on to stretches, this time with no fainting.

Since this is my last trial class, Rob asks me if I want to sign up.  Yes, I'll give it a shot, do the 65 classes and see how it goes from there.  It definitely helped when Maryann came in and said I was doing good, stamina is getting better.  So, I go in the office to sign up.  While I'm in there, Rob tells me about a meal plan they have.  Ugghh, stupid diets, don't really want it.  How can I get out of this one?  I tell him maybe but I don't want to pay for it right now (because there's always a catch with the meal plans, $$$$).  What does Rob tell me.... FREE, no money, you can just have it.  There goes another excuse out the window.  Alright, I'll take it but it's going to have to wait........... E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!

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