First My Sides, Now My Butt..........

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! Someone decided to come with me to kickboxing.  My sister-in-law, Brandy, came with me to class this week.  She absolutely LOVED it!

Brandy lives up in the Scranton area.  She told me she was coming down to visit, I told her she was coming to class with me.  She said okay.

It was Travis and Brandy's grandmother's birthday, 89 years old and still going strong!!  For her birthday I made an AMAZING dish that my sister created.  I'll show you because I could eat this all day long....

Gemelli with Chicken and Vegetables

After this dish, we had ice cream cake to celebrate.  I knew we were going to class, so I took a couple bites and got up and pretended like I was doing something in the kitchen so I didn't have to finish it.  Then I just told Ary she could eat the rest.  

On the way to class I kept thinking, well, I hope Brandy doesn't throw up after the dinner and cake.  Who am I kidding, I was hoping I didn't throw up either! 

Class went really well.  I was really glad that Maryann decided to do some burpees, just because I know how much Brandy loves them.  Then Maryann also thought it would be fun to throw in some extra ab work.  Don't tell Maryann this, but I secretly like when she gets done early and does extra work on the abs.  I had Brandy with me as a partner for the ab work.  When Maryann said what we were doing, I tried to groan under my breath but it was louder than I wanted it to be.  Brandy heard me and laughed, then she kept repeating "Ice cream cake, ice cream cake."  

Usually I'm more of the "serious exerciser".  It drives me nuts when people talk or laugh while they are working out.  I lose my concentration and slack off.  But Brandy kept saying ice cream cake and I couldn't stop laughing.  I felt like my ab work went down the tubes.  Oh well, next time I guess.  

WRONG!  The next day I woke up, leaned over and UGHHH, stop right there.  Why does it feel sore on my sides?  What in the world, it's both sides!  Brandy stops by on her way home.  I ask her how she's feeling, she says fine....coughcoughliarcoughcough!! HA!  I ask her if her sides hurt at all, she says no.  Now I'm really starting to wonder if it's from the ab workout or I'm just nuts. 

Friday night, I'm not feeling well at all.  I'm lightheaded, pretty sure I should have stayed home, but I couldn't.  I think I'm addicted to the sweat now.  Anyway, Jeremy hates me and decides to do planks, some crazy planks that I've never done before.  I can hold a plank for 30 seconds now, without shaking like a leaf.  So, I was standing next to my friend Paige in class..... 

Neither one of us could hold this crazy plank long and we kept laughing at ourselves.  Then she told me something really funny and I couldn't stop laughing.  AGAIN -- what's up with the laughing this week?!  

I got through the class with no passing out or getting sick.  By the way, I'm not sick.  I was just exhausted from the busy week and not getting enough sleep.  I feel a lot better today........sort of. 

We had an early Easter egg hunt for Tristan and my nephew Spencer today.  After it was finished I'm walking around the house and my butt started to feel funny.  Sorry, I know, maybe a little TMI.  Why in the world does my butt hurt?  I get home, I tell Travis about it.  He's kind of just laughing at me.  I got down on the ground and showed him what we were doing, YEP, there it is.  I felt it, the muscles that were worked, and then I feel on the floor, yes, it hurt.  

All of this to say.... some times you may feel the sore muscles right after you are done class, some times it waits until the next day.  Either way, now or later, I love the feeling.  It lets me know that I worked that muscle and it's starting to get back into shape.  

Now I just need someone else to come with me and make me laugh, then we will see what other parts of my body hurt!

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