Are You Hitting Properly?

As you know, I bought new gloves for class.  My knuckles were turning red after every class and I figured I just had to break them in.

It has been about a month now of using the gloves.  Thursdays I was going twice a day.  By Thursday night class I could barely hit the bag.  I kept shaking out my hand, trying to get the pain to stop in my ring finger knuckle.  Jeremy was walking around the room and saw me shaking out my hand.  He asked me what I was doing.  I told him my hand hurt.  He says "Are you hitting the bag properly?"  Yes, I'm hitting the bag properly, thanks!   I told him it was the gloves ---because he never comes on here to read the blog--- and he walked away.  After class I showed him what I was talking about.  He told me there was a blood vessel there and I should rest it for a week.  REST IT?  I can't skip class for a week!  HA, they didn't mean skip class for a week, they just meant hit lightly or not at all with the one hand.  

It's FRIDAY, best class because it's members only, people coming for a while and, yep, definitely tougher than the rest of the week.  Jeremy showed me an new, AWESOME way to hit the bag so I don't hurt my knuckles.  I felt really bad the whole class.  He had to keep helping me every time he changed the hits, well, not every time.  It mainly involved the side of my wrist... really cool, though!

So, what's the big deal?  My knuckle actually is starting to feel better.  So the rest of the week I'm not going to use it and hit a little different than what Maryann or Jeremy are calling out.  Just don't look at me funny in class!  It's my best option because we all know I'm not missing class.  

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