Obsessed? No........Well, Possibly

Travis, my mom, Travis' mom, and myself have all worked out a wonderful schedule to watch the kids so I can have my hour class four times a week.  As stated in my last post, Ary and I started archery classes on Monday nights, which are really cool but throwing off my schedule completely.  Now I'm trying to rearrange my schedule for the classes without having to disrupt anything else.  It's not working out too well.  It looks like I'm going to be taking two classes in one day, Thursdays, until archery classes are over.

Time to change the calendar page.  Travis and I are going over the schedule.  I'm trying to figure out the days I can go into class and he's laughing at me.  He starts calling me obsessed.  He says "I'm surprised you're not going every day of the week at this point."  Listen, Travis, I'm not obsessed.  He can't stop laughing.  I'm glad he can make himself laugh.  Maybe a good round kick in the jaw would make me laugh, let's try it.  HA, yep, made me laugh picturing it.  You know, I'm not the only one benefiting from my weight loss...just saying.

I will admit, I'm obsessed with my results from kickboxing.  I have a goal weight loss and I'm trying to stick with it.  I want to get to 145 pounds by August.  If I continue at the rate I am going, 10 pounds a month, I will make it!  I cannot make 10 pounds a month if I start cutting classes, it doesn't work that way.  There is no easy way to lose weight.  Hard work, sweat, dedication.... yep, that's the word.  I'm not obsessed, I'm dedicated!!!!

When I first started selling Thirty-One, my director wanted us to come up with a WHY board, why do you want to sell Thirty-One.  I never did it, SHAME ON ME!  It would be really easy to do, just put a picture up of a keyboard with a big X on it.  My job now is typing and I am tired of typing.  Now I'm going to steal her idea and make a weight-loss why board, kind of.  I'm going to  put pictures up of why I'm doing this AND what rewards I'm going to get for different achievements.  My next reward for losing 40 pounds is getting my hair done.  We all know that I need to get my hair under control!  It's too long, puffy and my highlights are, well, almost not there anymore.

I'm going to make my WHY board and hang it up somewhere in the house that everyone can see it.  This way when Travis wants to laugh at me and call me obsessed, I can just point to it and say this is WHY.  I'm going to work on it this week and I'll post a picture up.

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