Shhh... It's a secret!!

I cannot post about specific classes now because I have stepped up my game.  Instead of going to two classes a week, it's now three.  They all kind of jumbled together since I waited so long to start the blog.  I can give you a few bits and pieces because of what I posted on Facebook, but who really cares. We just want results, right?

Some classes I feel like I'm the only one sweating buckets.  Then Maryann tells me I'm doing well, combinations are good, getting the hang of it.  I tell her it's good and bad, it just means I have to do more reps.  More reps equal more sweat.  When I come home, Travis is like, EWW, get in the shower.  Some days I come home, take a shower and sleep.

But in the month, month and a half I have been kickboxing, I feel rejuvenated.  I have energy, not coffee energy or five hour energy, actual energy.  I can chase the kids around the house.  Instead of dragging through the day, I'm up and ready to go.  When I would go out to the store with Ary, my daughter, I would tell her to slow down and walk next to me.  Now I'm constantly telling her to catch up, stop walking so slow.  Do you know how exciting that is?  Yes, I haven't lost a lot of weight yet and I'm not looking at that.  I see the small things.  The fact that I'm eating healthier, losing inches, and feel like I'm getting my life back.

As you all know I usually attend Maryann's classes.  Not because I don't like Jeremy, it's because that's how my schedule ends up working out.  Travis doesn't like me going to class at night, wants to spend time together.  Back to my point.  Maryann, hmm, love/hate.  The hate part is the secret.  They play music during class, of course, and it's usually loud, which is good.  Then no one can hear I'm out of breath.  In order for everyone to hear her, Maryann wears a little microphone.  She walks around the room, gives the combination, corrects your form, motivates you.  Sometimes you feel like she's right behind you and then she'll say keep breathing, and I'm like crap, thanks for reminding me.  "Keep going, only 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 10, 9..."

Now, to the secret.  I'll tell you this just because it's helped me, so why not help you.  And what is it?  To me, it's like I have my own personal trainer helping me.  She may be over at the other side of the room helping someone else, but because of that microphone, she's right in my ear reminding me to keep it up, keep going.  So, instead of going to Planet Fitness and paying someone $50 an hour.  I'm paying $105 a month for unlimited classes of motivation!!  Seriously, big difference!


  1. You are doing great! I start my month challenge todau. I am using workout DVDs and they are great! We can and will do this! :-)

  2. You say you haven't lost a lot of weight yet but I find that hard to believe because when I saw you last week, you were swimming in your clothes! :)