Is It Rude?

Before December, I frequented a local Chinese place that I LOVED!  My parents used to go there a lot and they know me by my parents, so they still call me by my maiden name. Travis and I went for a drive today and had the windows down because it was GORGEOUS outside!  We drove past a Chinese restaurant and Travis wanted egg rolls.  MAN!!  I've been trying SO hard to stay away from Chinese food.  Unless you get the steamed veges, there's really nothing else for you.  *****If you know of something I can eat, please, let me know!******

I told him okay and started to make the drive down the street.  Uggh, what can I eat?  Okay, they don't take credit cards in there, so I'll run over to Redners, pick up some more tuna and have a sandwich (LOVE TUNA!!) and everyone else can eat the grease.  That's some good parenting right there, HA!

I'm getting to the point...

I walk into the restaurant and pick up the menu and start marking off what I wanted.  All of a sudden I hear "Dyson?"  I look up, yes, hi!  She goes on to say how she hasn't seen me in a while and how everyone was doing.  She tells me ten minutes and I go out the door.  Let me tell you, I used to drive my car from the Chinese store up to Redners because I didn't feel like walking.  Man, how lazy was I?  It was nice to walk up there and back.  Yes, also nice to stop and get me some VINO.

I walk back in to pick up the order and she just keeps staring at me.  Finally she says.... Have you lost weight?  Yes I have!!  She said wow, I could really tell when you first came in, I just didn't want to be rude.  NO, not rude at all.  I told her all about kickboxing and it's only been four months... see me, trying to recruit, LOL!  On a side note.... you guys that aren't at kickboxing yet, you have no idea what you're missing.  

What an amazing feeling to have someone you barely know notice how much weight you've lost.  I look in the mirror and see fat.... still lots of fat.  I know the scale says one thing but I still see it.  So, for people, other than my family, to actually notice, it feels really good.

Last thing.... congrats to Kristen for winning the three free classes and to Sharon for winning the free t-shirt!  You guys are awesome!!

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