Kiss The Floor

Almost every class you will hear Maryann say "Watch the floor.  It is a little uneven in some spots."  I joked with her, telling her to get a dry erase board so we can mark down every time someone trips.  

One day we were doing our beginning cardio.  There is a decent amount of people in the class.  When you know you go slower than other people, you're supposed to stick to the inside of the bags, let the faster ones pass you on the outside.  That doesn't always happen which leads to a "traffic jam".  Usually the other side of the gym is empty when this happens.  I noticed no one was there, I cut across the room and started back at my own pace.  Moving onto side shuffles, I started getting close to someone again.  This time my mind and feet did not work together.  My mind tried to tell my body to slow down, one foot got the message before the other foot.  My right foot stepped on my left foot just as I was picking it up, and BOOM, on the floor.  It was like slow motion.  I used to have these dreams that if I fell I would do some crazy roll out of the fall, not get hurt and everyone say that was amazing.  Dreams are dreams.  I hit the floor with a thud, face inches from kissing the floor.  Karma, that's all I can say.  That's what I get for suggesting the board.  I have been running around that gym for almost three month and had no problem.  I was ready for Maryann to start cracking up at me.  She just did her usual "Watch the floor" and acted like nothing happened.  

Lesson?  You fall, you get back up.  You gain a pound or two, don't quit, restart!  If you fall in class, I won't laugh because I did it too!  It only hurts for a second or two and then you're fine.  You miss the bag while trying a kick and almost fall, I've been there.  I know, the bag doesn't move, how could you miss it?  I don't know, careless, concentrating on the next step?  You got me, but it happens!  

This is Maryann's round kick--- 

I must have watched her demonstrate 15 times before I got the hang of it to the point I didn't almost fall.  They really help with your balance.  

After I got home from class one night, Travis and Ary were in the kitchen trying to see who could balance on their foot the longest.  Despite my legs being on fire, I joined in.  Ary did not last long.  Travis, on the other hand, is a crazy monkey, walking on a 2x4 wall two stories up.  He says "You can't beat me" on!  I told him holding the foot out to the front is too easy, turn sideways and hold your foot out in a side kick position.  YEP, down in three seconds.  I win, HA!  

I know, balance isn't really that important.  But I would have never imagined kickboxing helping with balance.  Just another reason why............. have I told you lately..........

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