A Day Late And A Pound Short......Or Two.

My 30th birthday was on March 4th.  About two weeks before my birthday, I realized I was turning 30 and I actually was almost 30 pounds down.  What an awesome goal, on my 30th birthday I want to be 30 pounds down.  One problem, 5 pounds in a little under over a week, possible.

Well, time to step it up again, four days this week.  That should get to me my goal, you would think.  Monday night, okay, time to see Jeremy.  He killed my arms/shoulders once again.  But that doesn't matter, I'm on a mission.  You cannot just will the pounds off, you have to sweat them off!!

Look at Jeremy.  He's saying "Come on, I'll help you lose the 5 pounds.  Just a couple of planks, crunches, kicks, you'll be great."  

Have you I told you how much I hate planks?  About 20 seconds into a plank my legs and back start shaking.  I have to drop to my knees, but I still try and keep going with the plank. 

Anyway, the next night, Tuesday night, I went into Maryann's class.  I begged her not to do anything that involves push ups.  Yeah, HA, Maryann's nice but not that nice.  She knew I was trying to hit 30 pounds, so she was pushing me.  At least I have one day to recover before the next class.  Meanwhile the scale says I've lost about 1.5 pounds.  Thursday morning comes and I'm sweating buckets again.  Keep the goal in mind, 30 on 30... you can do it!  I'm not going to lie, I was tired.  I took a nap on Thursday.  

Friday morning, I'm down 2.5 pounds.  Okay, this is kind of disheartening.  2.5 more pounds to go and only a couple days.  Now what?  Saturday morning class was with Jeremy.  Continuous round kicks for 30 seconds each side, that was hard, but extremely fun.  I want to do that again! 

Saturday night, what's for dinner?  SUSHI!  At Wegman's you can get those sushi packs that are like 300 calories.  Well apparently Fujiyama's sushi is a little higher in the calorie count.  

3 more pounds to go, stupid sushi.  I think the scale was messing with me.  I would get on and it would say the same stupid weight.  DROP!!  Monday evening for my birthday, I'm going to class.  

Sunday, I'm a little defeated.  5 pounds didn't seem like much of a task.  Apparently it was.  Let's go shopping!  HA!  This could be good or bad.  Let's start off with a size 20w, HAHA, nope, way too big now.  Okay, 18w, as Ary says "They're too big."  Give me a chance to try them on, geez!  Yep, she's right, to which she replies "Why do you doubt me?"  Little smart aleck she is.  WOW, I'm going down to a size 16.  They fit, that's great!  A little loose around the waist, really loose around the legs, but they fit!  

I bring them home, very proud, I dropped two sizes!  I try them on and show Travis.  He looks at them and says "They're too big."  No, they're not too big.  They fit, look!  He kept saying try the next size down.  OH, I have a couple pairs of size 14 in the closet, good, try those.  I think my mouth hit the floor.  I could actually pull them up!  (sorry for all the exclamation points.  I was very excited.)  Buttoning them, that was a different story.  Another inch and they will button good.  Travis, once again, said no, try and button them.  To my amazement, I could button them BUT with a serious muffin top.  Travis says just wear a big sweatshirt over top and I'll be fine.  Umm, no, sorry, I'm not sporting the muffin top.  

Even though I did not reach my 30 pounds on my 30th birthday, I was still able to find excitement in the fact that in just two and a half months I have dropped 27 pounds and two and a half pant sizes.  AND.......I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do, which makes it all better! 

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