Class Number Two

Yes, I had every intention of going to class on Saturday, December 8th.  But as you know, intentions only get you so far.  The class started at 8:30 because they had other things going in the gym that day.  Hmm, me, getting up at 8 on a I said, intentions.  Not only did it suck waking up early, some of my muscles were sore and tender.  Maybe taking an extra day or two was okay.  I haven't exercised like this for a long time.  Walking on the treadmill and talking does not count.  Do you like my excuses?

So class number two happened on December 11th with Maryann again.  There's other people in the class this time.  Okay, the only thing on my mind was, do not pass out, just make it through the class.  Walk, jog, knees...yes, I do the low impact version of the knees.  I don't want my shin splints acting up, better safe than sorry.  This whole warm up has me out of breath, and now we stretch.  I love stretching!

Start off with warming up the arms, hmm, still tight.  Now we're moving into the sets.  I'm taking it slow.  As Maryann keeps repeating, get the form down, quality over quantity.  Plus, shh, don't tell, I'm still sore.

Round kicks, seriously, are you nuts?  Now I'm wishing she would have showed me this when no one else was in the class.  I'm going to fall over, lose my balance, AHH!  Maryann explains it really well, placement of the foot on the ground and where the leg is to hit the bag.  So, no falling for me today!

Lightning round, already?  That went by quick.  Continuous punches for 60 seconds, I got this.  Then she says 30 seconds left, okay, not so easy.  TIME, good, I'm tired.

Partner up...............this is a first.  I don't really want to partner up.  I don't want to slow someone down or hit them by accident or whatever.  "One glove per partner, sit-ups passing the glove back and forth."  Seriously, I just did all this work and now I have to do sit-ups.  I can barely do one sit-up, my poor partner. She was so nice and encouraging, even if I could only do three.

"Lay it back and stretch it out."  OH, I love those words, stretch it out.  Then when I went to stand up to stretch the arms, there it was, the faint feeling.  Shake it off, go away, take a deep breath, gone.  "Put the bags away."

Do you see that?!  I made it through another class.  All I want to do is go home and shower.  I was sweating from head to toe.  No coat, I don't care if it's 36 degrees outside.  I'm riding home with my head out the window.  About ten minutes after my shower, I was passed out.

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