I Love Pasta Too Much....and Pizza, Cake....

"I can't go on a diet.  I love pasta too much.  I can't give it up."

Yeah, I've said that a TON of times.  That was my diet excuse.  "I can exercise enough that I don't really need to cut out the good stuff."

Look how good this donut looks!  Just one won't hurt.
Donuts have contributed to my permanent fanny pack.  This donut has 280 calories, 35g carbs and 15g of fat.  15 grams of fat is half of what my diet allows me in one day.  An hour of kickboxing will burn 700 calories and that donut is almost half of my burnt calories.  So, if I expected to lose weight after eating this donut, I better not eat anything else that day.

You cannot cut every good thing out of your diet, right?  That would suck, and it does suck.  But if you are seriously trying to lose weight, like me, then of course, you have to.  When I first started dropping weight I was really excited, and then I wasn't losing as fast and could not figure out why.  I started jumping on the scale more to see how different foods affected my weight.  After a while I started to see a pattern, if I ate too much of one thing or it definitely wasn't the most healthy for me, I would put on a pound.  All the sweat and hard work I did, just to gain back a pound, UGHH, very frustrating and unnecessary.

Count calories, yes, but not just calories, what type of calories.  Just say for dinner you have this amazing pasta dish that is a little under 500 calories.  Is your body going to have enough time to work off all of the carbs in the pasta before you go to bed?  Probably not, and with what I've found, definitely not.  White flour is the devil!!!

BUT you also cannot diet alone.  You have to exercise.  Not just exercise, though, exercise till the sweat is rolling down your face.  Okay, I guess some exercise is better than none, but if you're aiming for results, kick it up a notch.

The great thing about kickboxing is it's fun, TONS of fun!  I've never had so much fun exercising before and seeing awesome results at the same time.  Every time Maryann says "lightning round", I'm telling you, I can't believe it went by that fast.  Where else do you get to go and hit a bag, take out all your day's frustrations, have fun and lose weight at the same time?

Lesson of the day....

You are what you eat.....

And if you want more results....

Step up your game, sweat!  If you don't like the sweat, I will get some 80's style sweat bands and rock them out in class with you!!

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