Whose Stupid Idea Was This?!

It all started on Monday.  A friend of mine told me he is doing free archery lessons for ages 8 and up.  Of course I'm in, well, for Ary.  Then he told me it would be good for both of us, kind of a mother, daughter thing.  So, that means for eight weeks I'm going to have to start missing my Monday night class.  I'm sad but happy at the same time.  I love them both.

Monday night, class as usual, same as Tuesday night.  Travis then tells me he has an appointment on Friday and I cannot go to class Friday night.  Hmm....this is really starting to get annoying.  I like my four days a week schedule.  So I decided to try to sneak into class on Wednesday night.  That's a no go.  My neighbor's well pump died and Travis went over to replaced it for them.  No Travis to watch the kids, so I asked my mom and of course she said yes.  As I'm getting ready to leave, Ary runs to the bathroom, doesn't feel well.  Too many signs telling me to stay home.  I stayed home.

So, Travis came in and ate dinner.  He felt bad that I wasn't going to be able to go my four times a week.  I told him it was fine, I'll go in the morning or tomorrow night.  Then he looked at me and smirked.  What is your problem?  He laughed and said "What, can't go twice in a day?"  Umm.... what does that mean?  "I don't think you have the dedication, the drive to go twice in one day."  Oh yeah, that's what you think?  Game on!!  I'm going.

BUT there's a catch.  I can't go to either class and only give 50 percent.  I has to be normal 100 percent.

Thursday morning, it's time.  Ary doesn't have school and I was caught up on my work, so I decided to sleep in.  I woke up about 8:45.  Oh geez!  Travis' mom will be here in like 15 minutes to watch the kids.  Oh well, did my normal morning routine and she arrived before I even got dressed.  Ary and Tristan were still asleep! HA!  What a lazy day this was turning out to be.  Getting ready and forgot to eat something.  I'm all out of bananas, so I make a quick smoothie.

Get to class and start running around the gym.  Man, my legs are TIGHT for some reason.  Is it anxiety or sore from Tuesday night?  Shake 'em out, keep running.  Start warm up punches, yep, there's my hand.  It's killing me this morning.  That's when I realize, it's anxiety.  I'm getting myself psyched out for tonight.  Focus, get through Maryann's class and get home to rest for a couple hours.  Punches, kicks, abs, more abs.  I have never been more happy to hear her say stretch it out.  Seriously, she kicked my butt this morning.

Yeah, gotta love it though!  

On the way home I'm thinking to myself I don't know, I'm tired.  I get in the house, sit down, talk to Travis' mom for a bit.  Then I let it slip out "I don't know if I'm going to be able to do another one tonight."  See, my mind's setting itself up for failure!  Where's the positive outlook?  I have a couple hours to rest, work and make dinner.  I should be fine by then.  Maryann told me that it is easier to work out twice in a day then to work out once every day.  Going twice in one day, your muscles will not have enough time to register the soreness that you usually get the day after.  

Clock moves fast when you want it to go slow.  

Get to class, there's a ton of people there.  Of course, as you know, I'm usually there right before everything starts.  So, I'm all the way in the back tonight.  I'm thinking this is going to be good because if I fall over, pass out, then everyone won't really see.  I'm going to get the wake up taps from Jeremy, definitely not looking forward to that.  

Start running around the room, legs, ehh, not too bad.  Let me say, it's hard to actually do the warm up with so many people in the class.  You kind of have to stay the pace of the person in front of you.  You don't want to be the rude one cutting everyone off around the corners.  So, I just cut them off when we did the lungs around the room, HA!   

Start punches with just jabs first.  This is really odd because I'm used to jab cross, not just jab.  My arms are starting to tighten up.  Now he says cross, yep, feels so much better!  "I'm going to be a nice guy today.  We're going to work on abs."  Really?!  Come on, hopefully Maryann's right and they won't be sore yet.  Oh, nope, I'm definitely feeling it and it's just the first round for abs.  

I'm really trying hard not to tell anyone that this is my second class of the day.  I want to keep going at my 100 percent and just do what I love.  

"Jab, cross, jab, cross, SQUAT, three front kicks."  Come over here, Jeremy, stand right in front of my bag, would ya.  AH!  "You can feel it in those squats to kicks, well, I guess you'll find out, haha."  Seriously, just come here and say it, please!!  "Why do we have you squat?  You're getting out of the way of someone throwing a punch.  So, you don't want to half squat, you need to squat.  This is why I have the motivator."

Yeah, I could have done without the motivator tonight.  My legs are on fire.  They really didn't get much of break from all of Maryann's kicks this morning.  Now we're burning them up some more!   Don't forget, he's killing the ab work in between each round.   

Almost done, we have to be almost done.  I can't see the clock from all the way back here.  Then he has us work with a partner, not normal but okay.  As long as we're not doing wall sits, I'm good.  

Hey, SURPRISE, put your bags away and stand against the wall.  OH NO!! He's making us crawl again.  Yeah, not that.  Military style something or other.  I don't really remember what he said, I tuned him out.  One push up, get up, run the room, back down for two, run, three, run, four, run, all the way to ten.  After three I think I was done.  My arms were on fire, my back, my shoulders, I'll say it, TOO MUCH IN ONE DAY FOR ME!  I finished and when I was done I just sat my butt back and stretched it out.  I didn't want to move.  

After all this I still had a little energy left.  I got up, walked around the room, stretched it out and went out to change my shoes.  Sat on the arm of the chair, trying to catch my breath.  I'm exhausted, starting to get shaky.  The sweat, it just wouldn't stop.  Didn't help that there was a ton of people in there either.  

You know what this made me realize?  (Once again with the learning thing)  I can do two classes in one day at my 100 percent.  Now I need to start going over my 100 percent in one class.  It's amazing what your mind will will your body to do.    BUT you won't see me there twice in one day for a while, HA!  


  1. I get tired just READING about it lol

  2. I have been thinking of joining the class but am afraid I am too out of shape to last an hour or too fat to fit in :(

    1. Jennifer, there is no too fat to fit in at kickboxing. I was 214 pounds and completely out of shape when I started. Everyone was so nice and if you need help, they will help! I stress to everyone that comes in the first time, you HAVE to go at your own pace. It's not about how many you do, it's about learning to do them properly at first. Quality and quantity come with time and practice. Read my first class post, you'll see.

  3. I just read through your beginning posts and they are really inspiring. Maybe I will start Monday night.

    1. Definitely! It would be a great way to start off your week!