When I signed up for kickboxing, I paid for three classes and received free gloves.  Free gloves are good because I wouldn't have the slightest clue where to start or where to buy them.  I'm sure you can get some at the local sporting goods store but they're probably not the greatest.  I had the choice between red or black, so I got the red ones! 

The first two or three classes I didn't really pay much attention to the sweat inside the gloves.  One day after class I asked Rob what to do for the sweat inside the gloves.  He sold me on a pair of hand wraps, I think that's what they're called.  You can put them on under your gloves and they pretty much absorb the sweat.  After class you can take them home and wash them.  

Then I stood next to someone named Sharon one night....

She had these white gloves on and I just kept staring at them.  Finally I asked her about the gloves.  The sweat, not so bad.  That's what I'm looking for!  But they didn't look like they had much padding on them.  Was it going to hurt when you punched the bag?  

The bags, there's black ones, blue ones and red ones.  The black ones are the softest of the bunch.  The blue ones I guess you could say are in the middle.  The red ones are like punching a wall.  HA, not really that bad but it will take more effort to get the red bag off the ground then the black one.  With my red gloves on, I had worked my way up from the black bag to the red bag.  Okay, let me correct myself, the black bags with Century on them, they are the same as the red ones.  The black ones that say Wave Master on them, they are the softer ones. 

Back to the gloves....Once again, happy birthday to me! HA!  The hand wraps just aren't cutting it for me anymore.  I saw some purple gloves online that I liked.  I went in and told Rob I wanted to order some.  He gave me a catalog to order what I wanted, except no purple gloves.  So, what did I buy... 

PINK!  The picture kind of makes them look purple, but they are definitely pink.  I bought pink gloves, yep, the girl who hates pink.  

My hands do not sweat as much as the red gloves and definitely does not have as much padding.  The first night I used the gloves, I decided to use the red bag.  I was already using it, so why not.  

This is my hand about 30 minutes after class.  My knuckles are still red.  My poor hands.  I'm glad I started using them on a Friday night and had a couple days to rest before the next class.  I did consider going back to the red gloves on Monday night but I toughed it out.  

What I did learn.... (there's always something new to learn!!)... is that I was punching the bag more on the outside of my fist then the middle.  With the red gloves on, you cannot really tell because of all the cushion.  I have readjusted my punch.  Oh yeah,  I'm back to using either the black bag or the blue bag for a while, HA!  

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