No Pictures, Please!

If you know me, then you know that I'm always the one behind the camera.  I don't like my picture being taken at all.  That's kind of a problem when you are doing a blog about losing weight.  Everyone wants to see YOU... blah!

How am I going to take pictures of myself IN class?  I was thinking about having Ary take the pictures, but I know I'd probably see blurry images.  A friend of mine, Sharon, takes my family pictures.  So, I decided to call her and see what she thought about it.  Of course she said yes because she's awesome!

Let me tell you, that was the weirdest class I have ever been to.  At first I couldn't stop laughing, but after a while I forgot she was there.  She sent me a bunch of pictures last week.  They look awesome!  I have not had time to post them until now just because I went to North Carolina and had a really busy week.  Oh... North Carolina... that's going to be another blog post.  You guys may have seen a couple of these pictures on Facebook.  Sorry for the repeats.

Don't laugh too hard at me!

This one is my favorite.  To me, it shows determination. 

My goal is to knock the bag over, maybe one day soon! 

I hate upper cuts.... just sayin

Why do I run out of breath so fast with kicks?  Umm... look at my mouth!  I'm not breathing!  Breath out on everything. 

Partner time! 

HATE PLANKS.....not just sayin, YELLING! ha!

Thank you, Sharon, for the awesome pictures!!

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