It Figures, But I'll Take It!!

30 pounds, 30 years old was the goal....nope, didn't happen.  Of course, that's my luck.  It also doesn't help when you sit at the computer working and snack on everything under the sun.

Birthday was on Monday, March 4th.  I am short 2 pounds.  Punishment?  Go into class on your birthday.  That's at least what I told Travis, HA!  It's not really a punishment to me because I LOVE IT!

I went to class Monday and Tuesday night.  Let's get back on track with the meal plan.  I am starting to realize, in order to stay on a meal plan, you really need to try to plan out.  Let's say your snacks in between a meal is blueberries, portion them out in little baggies or containers so when it's time you don't have to stop, you just grab and go.  You can do the 100 calorie packs.  But someone explained to me, I don't remember who, you can portion the food out into 100 calories by yourself.  Why pay the extra money?  

Enough about food....I keep talking about food because I need a lunch break!

Thursday morning I stepped onto the scale, 184 pounds!  It did it!!  It figures it would be a couple days afterwards but WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm now officially down 30 pounds! 

30 pounds on my 30th would have been great.  BUT I did hit 30 on 30 in a way. 

I lost 30 pounds of weight in 30 classes of kickboxing!!  That's crazy.  So that ends up being one pound lost per class!  

Okay, time for the comparison pictures..............(I hate pictures!)

                                            214 pounds - before kickboxing                                 184 pounds - 30 kickboxing classes

Weight:  184 pounds - down 30 pounds
Waist:  43 inches - down 5 inches
Hips:   46 inches - down 6 inches
Thigh:  23.5 inches - down 2 inches
Arm:   13.5 inches - down 2.5 inches

*~I am excited~*

***Thanks for putting the pictures together, Celeste!!***


  1. Congratulations! You ought to be excited!

  2. Woot! Shout out to me on your blog! Anytime, sweetie :)

  3. Celeste, do you think I should find a different picture, maybe one of me standing, to compare more?

  4. If you have standing pictures, I think it would be nice to add them in, too!