The Dreaded Scale

This is the scale, see my face, LOL
One year for my birthday, I asked my mom to buy me a scale for a present.  I hated how much I weighed, so there was no way I was spending money on a scale.  My birthday came and we're standing in my mom's kitchen.  She hands me a gift and I open the scale.  Oh my word, yes, a little embarrassing to open a scale, especially when you're overweight.  But I asked for it and was excited.

The scale motivated me to do a couple exercises at home and lasted for about two months.  Then it got shoved in the closet.  Why in the world do I want to look at a scale all the time if I'm not losing any weight.  

Right before my first class of kickboxing, I got the scale out of the closet.  Let's see how much I weigh, OH, that sucks.  No wonder it was in the closet.  

I signed up on a website called  It's a free website that you can enter in your food, weight, and exercises for that day.  So, I entered my weight, 214 pounds, start date of 12/1/2012.  On this site, it tells you to measure yourself once a month and weigh yourself once a week.  Well, I'm one of those crazy people that weigh themselves at the same time everyday to try to get a more accurate reading.  There's also an option to enter in measurements, waist, hips, legs, arms.  Waist - 48, hips - 52, thigh - 26, arm - 16.  

So at this point I've been to about 6 classes.  I missed a whole week due to Christmas and New Year's.  

Here it is, the first weigh in on January 4, 2013.  

204 pounds - 10 pounds lost
Waist - 46  - 2 inches lost
Hips -  50    - 2 inches lost
Thigh - 25   - 1 inch lost
Arm - 14.5  - 1.5 inches lost

Needless to say I'm excited.  It really helps to see the measurements as well.  Some days the scale may not go down very fast but you still are shrinking in size.  

The best part about the weight loss is I am having SO MUCH FUN in class!  I would have NEVER been this far along if I was going to the gym.  

Have I told you yet, I LOVE KICKBOXING!!!!!!! 

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